Numerous gynecological diseases affect many women in our society. We give high attention to this area.

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Haemostatine 250/500mg®

Capillary Wall Permeability Modulator – Antihaemorrhagic Angioprotective Agent


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Capillary Wall Permeability Modulator – Antihaemorrhagic Angioprotective Agent     

Haemostatine 250 mg tablets

Haemostatine 250:  white round flat tablet

250 mg tablets:

In medicine Used in the treatment of:

  • Bleeding from capillary fragility,
  • Menorrhagia without detectable organic causes.

General surgery or specialist (ENT, ophthalmology & gynecology) Used for:

  • Reduce blood loss during surgery, particularly hemorrhage tablecloth, in patients on anticoagulants.

250 mg tablets:


Continuous treatment: 6 tablets per day in 3 doses, 10 to 20 days per month.

Preoperatively: 6 tablets per day for 3 days.

Postoperatively: 6 tablets per day.


Same regimen as in adults by reducing the dosage by half, or 3 tablets per day in 3 doses.


The data available to date do not suggest the existence of clinically significant interactions.

Interactions with paraclinical exams:

Taking therapeutic doses of etamsylate can interfere with the enzymatic determination of creatinine by giving lower values.

During treatment with etamsylate, specimen collection (eg blood collection) required for laboratory testing should be done prior to the first daily administration of the drug to minimize any potential interaction of etamsylate with the laboratory test results.

To date no case of overdose has been reported. In the case of an overdose, the treatment will be symptomatic

Pharmacotherapeutic group: OTHER SYSTEMIC HEMOSTATICS.

Pharmacodynamic effects

Improvement of platelet adhesiveness and restoration of capillary resistance.


  • Pharmacokinetics

In humans:

Oral route: Etamsylate is slowly absorbed. After taking 500 mg, the peak plasma concentration is obtained after 4 hours. It is 15 μg /ml.

The plasma elimination half-life is approximately 8 hours. The level of binding to plasma proteins is high: it is of the order of 95%. Etamsylate is eliminated mainly in the urine, unchanged (>


Store at temperature not exceeding 30°C in a dry place

Hemostatin 250 mg :

Carton box containing 1, 2 or 3 (AL / opaque white PVC) strips, each of 10 tablets and an inner leaflet


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